The Linky - Know your website links better


Audit your website links for higher search rankings

Follow/No-Follow Links

Find out all the followed & no followed links present on your website

Anchor Text

Clearly understand all the anchor text present within your website.

Internal/External lInks

See how your internal & external links stack up

Website Link Structure

Clearly understand your website link structure & fix the most important issues with links & anchor text

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Your website Internal Link Auditor thats provides comprehensive report on your internal links
Your own internal links can do more harm then good. Fix them Now
  • Internal link audit

    See what are you linking too.

  • External Links Audit

    Remove unwanted external links

  • Anchor Text Audit

    Check if anchor text is incorrectly linking

  • Link Structure Audit

    Understands how links are structure on your website

Get your free internal link audit report here